American fashion brand ‘ROCKY MOUNTAIN FEATHERBED’ and “Mobile Suit Gundam” have decided to do a collaboration product together. ‘Premium Bandai’ is currently accepting pre-orders for three types of authentic down vests.

‘Rocky Mountain Featherbed’s’ down vests have a huge following due to their warmth and insulation like a down comforter, but the brand disappeared in the late ’80s and was only sold in the vintage market for a high price mainly among fans.

The ‘STRICT-G x ROCKY MOUNTAIN FEATHERBED “Mobile Suit Gundam” Down Vest’ is a collaboration with Rocky Mountain Featherbed, a brand that has been thoroughly researched and revived with a level of perfection that surpasses even the original.

The collaboration item is available in three types: the ‘Gundam Model’, ‘Char’s Zaku II Model’ and ‘Zaku II Model’.
Based on the typical nylon down vest, which could be said to be the “face” of the company line, it has been arranged with a color scheme inspired by the color of the mobile suit.

The back of the distinctive shoulder yoke is made of a single piece of leather and has an emblem embossed on the back.

The ‘STRICT-G x ROCKY MOUNTAIN FEATHERBED “Mobile Suit Gundam” Down Vest’ is priced at 58,300 JPY each (tax included, excluding shipping and handling costs).
Pre-orders are now being accepted on ‘Premium Bandai’ until 23:00 on Oct. 9, 2020, and the item will be shipped in late October to early November.
In addition, general sales will started on Oct. 3 at STRICT-G Tokyo Odaiba Store, STRICT-G Tokyo Odaibamachi Store and STRICT-G NEOPASA Shizuoka (Downstairs) Store.

(C) Soutsuu, Sunrise