The new release date of “Patlabor: The Movie” in 4DX, which has been delayed due to the spread of COVID-19, has been decided. It will be released throughout Japan from Jul. 17, 2020.

This is the screening of the 1st film of “Patlabor” in the “4DX” theater.
Set in the summer of 1999, Tokyo, the proto-type Labor created by the Self Defense Force suddenly goes out of control unmanned. Moreover, a computer virus was planted by someone to make other Labors working in Tokyo go out of control. The misfit police officers of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department's 2nd Special Vehicles Section chase this mysterious criminal all over the megalopolis.

Clear file folders will be handed out to those who go watch this film at the theaters (with some excluded). Also, to commemorate the screening, a new pamphlet of the sound renewal version has been decided to be released.

“Patlabor: The Movie” will be in theaters from Jul. 17, 2020. 55 theaters throughout Japan will be screening it in 4DX. Check out the “Patlabor” official website for information about which theaters will play the film.

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