With the huge success of “Touken Ranbu”, more and more anime fans are interested in not only the samurais and Sengoku warlords but also in the weapons they used. “Zukai Buki to Kacchuu” (Visual Dictionary Weapons and Armors) is a book that explains the history of “weapons” and “armors” with illustrations for those fans.

“Zukai Buki to Kacchuu” is a book that has illustrated explanations of the structure and usage of weapons (eg. Bow and Arrow, Tachi, Uchigatana, Naginata, Spear, and Gun) and armors (eg. Ooyoroi, Haramaki, and Touseigusoku).

Many books have explained the values of Japanese swords and armors as artworks, but this book is written only from the viewpoint of them being “weapons of war”.
It explains how each weapon and armor was born and used, including the social and economical backgrounds, and the full-color illustrations will help you understand the weapons and armors three-dimensionally.

“Zukai Buki to Kacchuu” is priced at 2,200 JPY (tax excluded), and will be released on Sep. 10, 2020.