It was announced that Watanabe Naomi will be acting the role of Zirconia in the movie “Sailor Moon Eternal”. Also, Watanabe left various comments such as, “I think she is the character that most fits me”.

“Sailor Moon Eternal” is a story of love and justice by Takeuchi Naoko, which was serialized in “Nakayoshi” from 1991 to 1997; in 2012, a project to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the series started, and in 2014, a new series titled “Sailor Moon Crystal” has been released.

It has been decided that Watanabe Naomi will play the role of Zirconia, a powerful enemy of the Sailor Guardians. Comments about her impressions on the role of Zirconia, who is the ringmaster of Dead Moon Circus plotting to conquer the Earth and the Moon and pledging her loyalty to Nehellenia, the Queen of the Dead Moon, as well as her love for “Sailor Moon”, have arrived.

The movie “Sailor Moon Eternal” will be released in two parts; the first part will be released on Jan. 8, 2021, and the second part will be released on Feb. 11, 2021.

Comment by Watanabe Naomi (as Zirconia)
I never dreamed that I could appear in my favorite series “Sailor Moon”, so I was extremely happy! For me, Sailor Moon is the “light of my life”. I’ve loved it since I was a child, and just watching all the Sailor Guardians makes me crying, and I still love it so much that I keep buying all kinds of items.
When I was offered the role, I wondered if it was for a new Sailor Guardian. But it was Zirconia as the antagonist (laugh). She’s a villain and an old woman character, so I had to lower my voice quite a bit and do it while almost crushing my throat. Even though my heart hurts, I made sure Zirconia’s feelings were felt in my acting, “I’ll defeat the Sailor Guardians!”. I think she is the character that most fits me so far.
In the movie, you can see the cool Sailor Guardians, as well as many powerful enemies. It’s a work that not only our generation but also parents and their children and teenagers will be able to enjoy! I hope you’re all excited and looking forward to it!

(C) Takeuchi Naoko, PNP / “Sailor Moon Eternal” The Movie Production Committee