From the movie “Crayon Shin-chan: Crash! Rakuga Kingdom and Almost Four Heroes” (Roadshow starts from Sep. 11), a TV spot video full of silly interaction by the brave Shinnosuke and Buriburizaemon has been released. There are two versions, “This year's silly edition” and “Crayon's brave edition”.

The two TV spot videos that have been unveiled are both fan favorites, showing the “silly interplay” between Shinnosuke and Buririzaeemon.
Shinnosuke, who has been stupid laughter without changes for a long time, and the golden duo of him with Buriburizaemon who fulfills a reunion in this movie after 22 years, make expectations of more stupid funny things rising in 2020.
The TV spot, “This Year is Also Silly,” features hilarious scenes from many of the classic films of the past interspersed with hilarious scenes, including 1996's “Henderland's Big Adventure”, and the silly, nostalgic interaction in the 1998's “Blitz! Operation Hoof of a Pig” is shown.

The visually stunning Buririzawaemon also makes an appearance, but what will the saving hero do?

On the other hand, the TV spot “Crayon's Brave Edition” Hero Shinnosuke drawing a giant ant to save Buriburizaemon, which gives to a 22-year-old movie an impressive finish.

You can also see the usual Shinnosuke and Kazama-kun's “ear entanglement”, so please check out the whole movie in the cinema.

The movie “Crayon Shin-chan: Crash! Rakuga Kingdom and Almost Four Heroes” will be released on Sep. 11 at Toho.

(C) Usui Yoshihito / Futabasha, Shinei, TV Asahi, ADK 2020