Sep. 1 is “Disaster Prevention Day”.

It was established in 1960 as an educational day to prepare for disaster. A week that includes Sep. 1st is a disaster prevention week, and various projects and campaigns dedicated to this theme are being held.

Even when you have a hard time, many dependable anime characters will quickly rush to help you. Whether you need an ally of justice, an ace pilot, or a legendary hero, there is a wide choice to choose from.

Here at Anime! Anime! for the first time in two years, we conducted a reader survey titled “From what anime character you want to get help in a crisis?”. 143 responses were received during the survey period from Aug. 16 to Aug. 23.
The male and female ratio is about 30% for men and about 70% for women. The age group for younger than 19 years old was about 55%, 20 years old was about 30%.

■The hero and jack-of-all-trades are at the same place!
1st place
All Might from “My Hero Academia” and Sakata Gintoki from “Gintama” received the same amount of votes. The approval rating is about 9%, and All Might ranks the same as the last time while Gintoki ranked up from 4th place.

Regarding the No.1 hero, All Might, several comments were received about his lines 'I'm here”,, said, “I would feel reassured if I hear, 'I'm here!' with the orthodox hero's appearance and smile”, and “I want to hear, 'It's okay now! I'm here' He is the best of all the heroes!”. “I believe that All Might, the symbol of peace, will definitely help me!”, and since he helped many people in the work, explain how he got the 1st place.

Comments about Sakata Gintoki, sometimes called Gin-san, have pointed that he being different from other lazy characters was why he reached the top, “A man who is always lazy but he is serious when necessary. It's cool how he does his best for others”, and “He always brushes things off but when the going gets tough, he will surely help with overwhelming power”. Many readers are impressed of his assistance as the Yorozuya's owner, Gin-chan, “He will solve anything from trivial troubles to major incidents involving the nation.”

3rd place
The third place went to Midoriya Izuku from “My Hero Academia”. He had fallen from the first place last time, to only the third.
Deku inherited the individuality from All Might. Some readers showed hopes for his growth as a hero apprentice, “Although he still an immature hero, I think he would help me without giving up on anything”, and “I look forward to seeing Deku becoming more and more reliable!”

Moreover, other characters from “My Hero Academy”, are Aizawa Shouta and Todoroki Shouto in 14th place. Many characters were voted for this work because it was a work about a hero who saves people.

■Let's introduce other comments
About Edogawa Conan from “Detective Conan”, “If he gets involved in an incident, you can count on him! He has done a lot of big things in movies, so I think I can rely on him no matter what.”
About Kirito from “Sword Art Online”, “He is a character that can be respected as a human being who can help you when you are in a crisis without paying attention to himself. My tears didn't stop when he revived!”

About Saeba Ryo from “City Hunter”, “It's cool how he is so reliable as he won't abandoned his client and helped until the end. I feel that Kamiya Akira-san showed a great performance when beautiful women got involved.”
Comments about Morisawa Chiaki from “Ensemble Stars!”, shows that even idols hoping to become a hero had received votes, “His appearance as Ryusei Red is like a hero of justice. He always help me when I'm really depressed.”

In this survey, not only the protagonists but also characters with overwhelming strength in the work such as All Might from “My Hero Academy” and Levi from “Attack on Titan” get ranked.

■Ranking Top-20
“From what anime character you want to get help in a crisis? Version 2020”

1st All Might “My Hero Academia”
1st Sakata Gintoki “Gintama”
3rd Midoriya Izuku (Deku) “My Hero Academia”
4th Anpanman “Soreike! Anpanman”
4th Edogawa Conan “Detective Conan”
4th Kirito “Sword Art Online”
4th Saitama “One Punch Man”
4th Doraemon “Doraemon”
9th Saeba Ryo “City Hunter”
10th Akai Shuichi “Detective Conan”
10th Inuyasha “Inuyasha”
10th Uzumaki Naruto “NARUTO”
10th Gridman “SSSS.GRIDMAN”
14th Aizawa Shouta “My Hero Academia”
14th Cure Grace / Hanadera Nodoka “Healin' Good Pretty Cure”
14th Koro-sensei “Assassination Classroom”
14th Saiki Kusuo “The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.”
14th Shinra Kusakabe “Fire Force”
14th Son Goku “Dragon Ball”
14th Todoroki Shouto “My Hero Academia”
14th Morisawa Chiaki “Ensemble Stars!”
14th Monkey D. Luffy “One Piece”
14th Levi “Attack on Titan”

(Survey period: Aug. 16 to Aug. 23, 2020)