Aug. 21 is “Blood Donation Day”.

This day derives from the historical fact that the Japanese government had made the decision that blood for transfusion will be collected through donations. Most of the blood for transfusion at that time had been collected through the market, not through donations. A half-century has passed and we believe that many of the readers have experience of donating blood since some anime collaborated with blood donations.

Vampire characters are the ones who have close relationships with blood in the anime. There are scary vampire characters who suck human blood, while there are charming vampires who make us think, “they can suck my blood”. Who gains the most support among those vampire characters?

Here at Anime!Anime!, we conducted the reader's survey asking, “Who is your favorite vampire character in the anime?” following the previous year. The survey was conducted from Aug. 6 to Aug. 13, and a total of 132 people answered.
The female readers made up the majority with approximately 70%, while the male readers made up approximately 30%. For the age group the readers under 19-years old made up about 50%, and the readers in 20's made up about 25%.

Result from the survey conducted in 2019:

■Vampire idol ranked in high!
1st Place
The 1st place went to Sakuma Rei from “Ensemble Stars!”. The support rating was approximately 10%.

Sakuma Rei is a self-proclaimed vampire, who serves as the leader of UNDEAD. Comments from the readers said, “I did not think that he does not like blood, although he does not favor sunlight or sleeps inside a coffin”, and “He is a handsome, charming, and it's cute that he speaks in an old way”.
His brother, Sakuma Ritsu, also ranked in the 5th place with a comment that said, “He is handsome boy with lighter skin color, black hair, and red eyes”. Sakuma brothers gained a lot of support in this ranking.
An anime character from 2019 summer season ranked on the top.

2nd Place
The 2nd place went to Toudou Yurika from “Aikatsu!”. The support rating was approximately 9%.

The comments sent to Toudou Yurika, who is a vampire, said, “Her famous line 'I will suck your blood!' was impressive and the gap between her being an idol and day-off was cute”, “Thoroughness of her vampire character is great. I also like her tsundere personality”, and “I actually like the fact that she loves garlic”.

3rd Place
The 3rd place was Sophie Twilight from “My Neighbor's A Vampire” and Hyakuya Michaela of “Seraph of the End”. The support rating was approximately 8%.
Comments to Sophie Twilight, “I like how she enjoys her otaku life although she is a vampire.”
To Hyakuya Michaela, “It is charming that he keeps her feeling of care toward Yuuichirou after becoming a vampire”, and “I like is kindness that he swears that he never sucks human blood”.

■Introducing other comments!
To Alucard from “HELLSING”,”His coolness as a dark descendant and a monster are well depicted and also has a nobleness as a high-ranking vampire. I like how he has a great existence and power.”

To Oshino Shinobu from “Bakemonogatari”, “It is cute that she loves donuts although she is a vampire”, and “Her long full-name is for the most strong vampire like her.”

Kuro from “SERVAMP”, “He does not favor blood but he is a vampire. I remember well that he fought by sucking his master's blood in case of emergency.”

Dracula from “Kaibutsu-kun”, “He is the first character to pop in my head with a famous line, 'Master, ✕✕-zamasu!'”.

In 2020 ver. ranking, the characters with the setting of being a vampire (not the ACTUAL vampire) ranked in the top 2. The content of the ranking changed drastically compared to the previous year, and the diversity of vampire characters could be recognized through this survey.

■Ranking Top 20
[Who is your favorite vampire anime character?]
1st: Sakuma Rei from “Ensemble Stars!”
2nd: Toudou Yurika from “Aikatsu!”
3rd: Sophie Twilight from “My Neighbor's A Vampire”
3rd: Hyakuya Michaela from “Seraph of the End”
5th: Sakuma Ritsu from “Ensemble Stars!”
6th: Arcad from “HELLSING”
7th: Oshino Shinobu (Kiss-shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade) from “Bakemonogatari”
7th: Dio Blando from “Jojo's Bizarre Advanture”
7th: Demitori Maximoff from “The Animated Series Vampire Hunter”
10th: Kururu Tepeshi from “Seraph of the End”
10th: Sakamaki Shuu from “DIABOLIK LOVERS”
12th: Etou Ranse from “Tokimeki Tonight”
12th: Kuro from “SERVAMP”
12th: Sakamaki Light from “DIOBOLIK LOVERS”
12th: Dracula from “Kaibutsu-kun”
16th: Koofa Vampire from “Assassin's Pride”
16th: Sakamaki Ayato from “DIABOLIK LOVERS”
16th: Sakamaki Subaru from “DIABOLIK LOVERS”
16th: Ferid Batory from “Seraph of the End”
16th: Miel Link “Vampire Hunter D”
16th: Mugami Kou from “DIABOLIK LOVERS MORE,BLOOD”

(Survey conducted: Aug. 6 to Aug. 13, 2020)