A re-release of the “Gundam Dryon III” HGBF Gunpla, the brother machine of the “Gundam Tryon 3” that appeared in “Gundam Build Fighters Try”, has been decided. Preorders are being accepted at “Premium Bandai”.

The item “HGBF 1/144 Gundam Dryon III (Dry)” is a 3D figure created by Sakai Minato as the brothermachine of “Gundam Tryon 3”.

The massive and sublime coloring, which is unified in black and gold, has been expressed with molding colors and seals, and the head antenna parts have been modeled with new parts.
The three transformations, which are the Riku Dryon, the Umi Dryon, and the Sora Dryon, can be recreated by the replaceable parts.

“HGBF 1/144 Gundam Dryon III (Dry)” is priced at 3,080 yen (including tax). Pre-orders are now being accepted on “Premium Bandai” and the shipping is scheduled for Feb. 2021.

(C) Sotsu, Sunrise