The anime streaming service “d Anime Store” added a new goods sales function from Sep. 1, 2020. With this, anime streaming and purchase of anime goods are provided within the same service.

The goods sales function of “d Anime Store” (hereinafter referred to as “this function”) provides a goods sales platform including a commerce website and a payment system. They sell a wide range of products, from new to archived works, including goods from “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba”, “Sword Art Online” and “Re:Zero: Starting Life in Another World” series, provided from various affiliated stores such as goods manufacturers and animation production companies. The service will start with 20 stores and it will be expanded gradually.

With this function, users are seamlessly able to watch anime works and purchase goods related to them, as well as introducing products related to the anime contents that users are interested in by providing both anime streaming and goods sales within one service.
It is also possible to accumulate d points or pay with d points when purchasing a product.

In addition, in commemoration of the launch of this function, “20x d Points Return Promotion” will be held in which you will receive d points that are 20 times the purchase price if you purchase goods from Sep. 4 to Sep. 6.