From the anime “Detective Conan”, a melon bread and coffee puff sandwiches based on the image of Conan and Akai Shuuichi are now available and will be enclosed with one of 20 different original stickers chosen at random.

“Detective Conan GO!!! Melon Bread” is a melon bread with the shape of a soccer ball. The package shows Conan with his power-enhancing kick shoes kicking a soccer ball toward a target.

“Detective Conan Akai Shuuichi Coffee Puff Sandwich” is a coffee filling sandwich covered with puff pastry. The package shows Akai with a sniper rifle.

Both products will be available for 130 yen each (excluding tax) in the Kanto, Shin'etsu, Hokuriku, Chuubu, Kansai, and Shikoku regions from Sep. 1, 2020. In each bag, one sticker chosen at random from a total of 20 different types will be added.

(C) Aoyama Goushou / Shogakukan, Yomiuri TV, TMS 1996