From “One Piece”, a limited edition of 5,000 wristwatches inspired by the trajectory of Luffy encounter with Nami, Vivi, Robin, Hancock, Shirahoshi, and Rebecca has appeared. It is currently on sale at the “PREMICO Online Shop”.

This “One Piece Encounter Route Official Licensed Wristwatch” is a limited special item of the 6 women, who liven up the adventure of “One Piece”, that assemble gorgeously over time..
The icons of each of the 6 women were placed in the index in the order that Luffy met them, and the “x” mark, which is a sign of a friend, was placed in the middle of the dial and elsewhere.

Also, the second hand is inspired by Luffy's arm and the straw hat that he reached out to the women and along with the dial resembling an endless route brings back a number of famous scenes.
Furthermore, the edition number is engraved on the back, and it will be shipped in a special box with a newly drawn illustration.

“One Piece Encounter Route Official Licensed Wristwtch” is priced at 19,800 JPY (excluding tax and shipping fee).

(C) Oda Eiichiro/Shueisha, Fuji TV, Toei Animation