Anime goods of titles produced by Studio Pierrot (now Piero Co., Ltd.) in the 1980s will be released at Tsutaya and Tsutaya bookstores throughout Japan. The first lineup is dedicated to the “The Wonderful Adventures of Nils”, which had been broadcast in 1980 as the first work by Studio Pierrot.

“The Wonderful Adventures of Nils” is the first TV anime series produced by Studio Pierrot, which had been directed by one of the company's founders, Toriumi Hisayuki.
It is a story about Nils, a mischievous boy who captures a tomte (jinn from Scandinavian folklore) angry and ends up with his body shrunk. The story depicts how he grows as a person through various encounters on his travels.

The goods announced are T-shirts, caps, tote bags, and stainless steel bottles (water bottles), 4 types in total.
All goods are limited in quantity, so if you are a fan, please check it out as soon as possible.

Pre-orders for goods of “The Wonderful Adventures of Nils” are currently available at TSUTAYA, Tsutaya Bookstore, and TSUTAYA Online Shopping, and the sales are scheduled for Sep.18, 2020.
In the future, it is planned to release “Spoon Oba-san” as the second line up and “Kimagure Orange Road” as the third in the nostalgic anime goods series produced by Studio Pierrot.