The marketing media “Otaku Women’s Marketing Institute” operated by Commercial BL Review Site “ChiruChiru” conducted a survey, “[I want to ask otaku all over the country – How much do you pour into BL? BL Wallet Situation of 2020” and announced the results. The women’s consumption behavior in 2020 amidst the “Corona” disaster was expressed in figures

“I want to ask otaku all over the country – How much do you pour into BL? BL Wallet Situation 2020” surveyed consumption behavior in 1,378 people (average age: approximately 34 years old) in March 2020 using targeted questionnaires. As a result, based on the behavior of “Chira Chira” users, they quantified the changes in purchasing behavior in 2020 based on the amount of consumption, and impact of COVID-19.

In recent years, there has been an increase in real events coming out, such as exhibitions, events, collaboration cafes, and stages for BL fans. The fact that it is still developing, is a result of sluggish growth. Furthermore, since the future of real live events will have to change due to the influence of the novel coronavirus there is a high possibility that new types of online events will develop, according to the “Otaku Women’s Marketing Institute”.

Moreover, in “BL Related Goods that were actually purchased” it was found that the top 3 goods purchases are all read. Manga, novels, doujinshi, etc., the common theme that was found in all types was that a story was present. Originally, the reason a fujoshi (a BL fan) is a fujoshi is that she has a high degree of delusion, imagination, and creativity. The story content stimulates a wide range of imaginations, and that’s what triggers consumer demand.

About 90% of the respondents answered “Savings were increased” or “no change” to the question “Was there a change in wallet circumstances such as an event being canceled due to the effect of the novel coronavirus?”. Among the “ChiruChiru” users, at least in the short term, there seems to be a minority of people who have had a direct financial impact from COVID-19.

In addition, about 80% of the reasons for “Wallet Circumstances, Savings Have Become Negative” were because the planned Otaku Activity Budget was changed to another Otaku Activity Budget. In a close second, for example reasons included “For the industry related to “BL”, income decreased due to the influence of coronavirus”, and “Production cost for exhibiting at the event”.