From the popular comic on social media, “The Dangers in My Heart”, comes T-shirts and smartphone cases. Pre-orders are currently available at “Subroll Store”.

“The Dangers in My Heart” is a rom-com manga that depicts the “Super Sweet Youth” of the negative boy Ichikawa and the positive beautiful girl Yamada, written by Sakurai Norio, who is known for “Mitsudomoe”, which received an anime adaption.
It is currently serialized in the online comic website “Manga Cross”, and is gaining popularity since it won 3rd place in “Kono Manga ga Sugoi! 2020” Men ver., 5th place in “Tsugini Kuru Manga Awards 2019” Online Manga Category, and 4th place in “2020 4th Minna ga Erabu TSUTAYA Comic Awards”.

The line up includes 2 designs of T-shirts, “Ichikawa Kyoutarou Skull T-shirt”, which is worn by Ichikawa in the work, and “Yamada Anna Autograph T-shirt”, which has an autograph by Yamada.
There are also “iPhone Cases (3 designs in total)” and “Multi-use Smartphone Flip Cases (5 designs in total)” with the designs of Ichikawa and Yamada's smartphone cases or illustrations of the two of them.

Each item is currently available for pre-order, and sales are scheduled to start in early to mid-September. Check out the official “Subroll Store” website for further information.

(C)Sakurai Norio (Akita Shtoen) 2018