“1/144 RX-78F00 Gundam & Gundam Dock” and “1/100 RX-78F00 Gundam”, which are the gunpla items inspired by “Mobile Suit Gundam” made from the “movable actual size Gundam” in “Gundam Factory Yokohama” that is scheduled to be released within 2020, will be available for special advance pre-orders from Aug. 6.

The “1/144 RX-78F00 Gundam & Gundam Dock” also comes with the same scale deck “GUNDAM-DOCK”, which stores the plastic model “movable Gundam” and does maintenance work.
The “1/100 RX-78F00 Gundam” is an item that allows you to reproduce the details and coloring of the “movable Gundam” with the included foil and marking stickers.

Prior to the sales for both products at site scheduled for release within 2020, there will be the special advance pre-orders on the special site within “Premium Bandai”, starting from 1:00 pm on Aug. 6. It is scheduled to be shipped serially from Sep.
“1/144 RX-78F00 Gundam & Gundam Dock” is priced at 2,750 JPY (tax included and shipping /handling charges excluded), and “1/100 RX-78F00 Gundam” is priced at 3,960 JPY (tax included and shipping /handling charges excluded).

Also, “GUNDAM FACTORY YOKOHAMA Progress Report Meeting”, which announced the design and gimmick of the “movable Gundam”, has been decided to be streamed on YouTube “Gundam Channel” from 3:00 pm on Aug. 5. Check this out too.

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