Jul. 14 is the birthday of Toyama Kasumi, the main character of the anime “BanG Dream!”.

Media mix project “BanG Dream!” has started its animation project in 2017. In 2020, 3 TV anime series have been produced, and the movie was released in 2019.
Toyama Kasumi is the leader of the girls' band called “Poppin'Party”. She is a vocalist with a guitar and also writes lyrics. She has been singing in multiple forms of media, including the anime, and which song would be the favorite song among the fans?

Here at Anime!Anime! we have conducted a reader's survey asking, “what is your favorite Toyama Kasumi song?”. The survey was conducted from Jun. 30 to Jul. 7, and received answers from 45 people.
The male made up the majority with approximately 60% of the voting rate, while females made up about 40%. For the age group, 19-year old or under made up approximately 40%, while people in '20s made up approximately 30%.

■Main themes and insert songs were popular among fans!
Many songs performed during anime was chosen. “Yume wo Uchinuku Shunkan ni!” is the ending theme song for the anime 3rd season.
Especially, it became a hot topic when the combination band of Poppin'Party, Roselia, and RAISE A SUILEN performed in episode 13. A comment said, “Kasumi's voice stood out especially among all vocalists from 3 bands, and felt Poppin'Party within the song”, and, “I liked how multiple bands played together”.

“Returns” is the song performed in the 2nd season and the movie “BanG Dream! FILM LIVE”. This song is an important song for the lead guitar of Poppin'Party, Hanazono Tae. The comment mentioned this said, “Many of Poppin'Party songs are cheerful songs, but this song kindly expresses the bonds between Kasumi and Tae”.

“Double Rainbow” is also the insert song for “BanG Dream! FILM LIVE”, and some readers who was moved by the story in the game “BanG Dream! Girls Band Party!”, commented,”The event story was moving. The story of Poppin'Party becoming better friends and the lyric mentioned that made me cry”.

There were many votes to the songs with personal stories of the voters. To “STAR BEAT~Hoshi no Kodou~”, a comment said, “This is my favorite song because this is my first favorite song in 'BanG Dream!'”.
To “Natsu no Doon!” (Summer Explosion) is the song recorded together with 7th single. The comment said, “This is the first Toyama Kasumi's song that I heard, and I remember I got excited from listening it”.
To the insert song of the 3rd season titled “Step×Step!”, a comment said, “I often listen to this, and makes me brave”.

This survey result made us realized that there are many songs exist from songs supported the dramatic stories to personal songs.