The wristwatch from a collaboration between “Captain Tsubasa” and LOCMAN is here. Currently, the advanced pre-orders are open and the serial number can be chosen as well.

The dial has a design of the main protagonist of “Captain Tsubasa”. Oozora Tsubasa making a dynamic shot. Along with the elegance of LOCMAN's representative work “1960”, which is the base for this product, it also gives off an air of daringness.
The leather strap makes used of the bright blue to express the refreshingness and it a model that is suitable for a wide range of age.

There is a total of 100 units for this product only and each of them is carved with a serial number. The photo with the original author Takahashi Youichi wearing the product and his comment have arrived.

“'Captain Tsubas' X LOCMAN Collaboration Wristwatch” is priced at 72,800 JPY (tax included). Advanced pre-orders are available until Jul. 27 at “SOCCERKING SHOP”. The serial number can be chosen during the advanced pre-order.

Comment from the Original Author, Takahashi Youichi

I had taken an interest in it as it makes use of the refreshing blue as its base. As it gives off a luxury feel, it can be used in various situations,, so do get it if it caught your interest.

(C)Takahashi Youichi/Shueisha