From “Kanon”, the romance adventure game from Key which was also adapted into an anime, the apparel goods inspired by the heroine Tsukimiya Ayu are released from the fashion brand with the concept “Bring anime into fashion!” called “SuperGroupies”.
The 3 products: a wristwatch, a bagpack, and a wallet are lined-up, and the the scenes from the game can be found in several spots on the products with the motifs hidden on the products.

“Wristwatch: Tsukimiya Ayu Model” is a multi-function wristwatch with the design image of Ayu’s clothing and hair colors, and a taiyaki is printed on crown of the watch.
Moreover, the index switches to the roman numerals from 7:00, which implicates that the story begins to progress after 7 years, which makes the product appealing to the fans.

“Backpack: Tsukimiya Ayu Model” is a black backpack with is inspired by Ayu’s bag. In addition to the “angel’s wings” printed on the punching process on the pockets of the both sides, the inside is in the check pattern inspired by the inner textile of Ayu’s coat.

“Folded Wallet: Tsukimiya Ayu Model” is a brown, genuine leather wallet with a “taiyaki” holder. The color of the card pocket is insipired by Ayu’s headband, and the stamping combined “angel’s wings” and “snow” is also appealing.

The pre-orders for “‘Kanon’ Collaboration Wristwatch, Backpack, and Wallet” are available at noon on Jun. 22, 2020, and the shipping for the backpack and wallet are on early Oct., and the wristwatch is scheduled on early Dec..
The price for the wristwatch is 20,8000 JPY (tax excluded), backpack is 14,800 JPY (tax excluded), and wallet is 10,800 JPY (tax excluded).