A watch reminiscent of "Mutta" and "Serika" from "Space Brothers", "Mutta and Serika's Mechanical watch" will be released by U-Treasure where they handle characters' jewelry goods. Pre-orders are available at the "Space Brothers" official website from Nov. 20.

"Mutta and Serika's Mechanical Watch" is a recreation of the watch that Mutta gave to Serika when she was heading for the ISS.

Just before leaving earth, Serika had to find a watch to replace her broken one. Mutta gave her his watch, which had already passed through inspection, as a gift.

This watch, which Serika wore in space, will remind you of that conversation of Serika and Mutta.

It is a military design mechanical watch just like Mutta's. It is a men's small size but it is small enough that by folding the belt, just like Serika in "Space Brothers", it will fit naturally on women too.

Also, there are two variations, Mutta or Serika available to choose from for the packaging.

"Mutta and Serika's Mechanical Watch" is priced at 39,800JPY (tax and shipping included). Pre-orders are available until Dec. 1 and shipping is scheduled for late Jun. 2020.

(C)Koyama Chuuya/Kodansha