From “My Hero Academia” comes the “Silhouette series” made out and designed with only words based on Deku, Bakugou, and other characters' motifs, names, quirks, etc. It will be released starting from early Sep. 2020.

The “Silhouette series” has a simple and stylish design but by looking carefully, the word expressing the characters' quirks can be seen.

The product line-ups consist of a clear file, re-stickable sticker, acrylic key holder, T-shirts, and tote bag. For the characters, it will consist of Midoriya Deku, Bakugou Katsuki, Uraraka Ochako, and others.

“My Hero Academia”'s “Silhouette series” goods will be on sale from early Sep. 2020.

(C)Horikoshi Kouhei/Shueisha・My Hero Academia Production Committee