“Detective Conan” and “Edo Kiriko”, the traditional art of Tokyo, collaborated and released “Detective Conan Edo Kiriko Glass”. It's available for sale now at PREMICO Online Shop.

“Detective Conan Edo Kiriko Glass” comes with 2 designs of Akai Shuuichi's “Scarlet Sniper” and Okiya Subaru's “Secretive of Sapphire”.

“Scarlet Sniper/Akai Shuuichi Model” has the original “Midare Yarai figure”, which is the design that the vivid red glass with the trajectory of a bullet.
The designs of a sniper's scope and a bullet are designed within the large carving method with the sandblast.

The edition number and Akai Shuuichi's silhouette are carved on the bottom of the glass.

“Secretive of Sapphire/ Okiya Subaru Model” is in the “Nanako Figure”, the blue, beautiful design which is inspired by the fact that Okiya is good at cooking.
Three traditional Nanako designs, including Nanako, Yarai Nanako, and Nanako with children, are carved with sandblast as the idea of a choker shape.

The edition number and Okiya Subaru's silhouette will be carved on the bottom of the glass.

Each Edo Kiriko glass comes with a luxurious paulownia box with the illustrations of Akai and Okiya.

“Detective Edo Kiriko Glass” is priced at 29,8000 JPY (tax excluded) each. The sale begins from Jul. 1, 2020 at PREMICO Online Shop.

(C) Aoyama Gosho/ Shogakkan・Yomiuri TV・TMS 1996