From the “Demon Slayer” series comes a character inspired real leather pouch, card case, key case, and a pass case with a reel attached. Pre-orders are currently available at Premium Bandai.

The “Demon Slayer Leather Series” that uses real leather features designs inspired by these five characters; Tanjiro, Nezuko, Zenitsu, Inosuke, and Giyuu respectively. The design features include original metal fixtures, patterned Jacquard fabric, and is detailed right down to its smallest bits.

The “Demon Slayer Leather Pouch” is the perfect item for carrying small objects on the go. The inside of the pouch contains compartments that allow for freedom of use.

The “Demon Slayer Leather Name card・Card case” contains many pockets that allow for users to fit many name cards and cards in.

The “Demon Slayer Leather Key case” has four hooks, allowing it to be hooked onto users' pockets for easy on the go travel.

The “Demon Slayer Leather Reel attached Pass case” has an extendable reel, making it the perfect carrier for IC cards, etc.

The “Demon Slayer Leather Pouch” is priced at 12,100JPY (tax incl.), “Demon Slayer Leather Name card・Card case” is priced at 8,800JPY (tax incl.), “Demon Slayer Leather Key case” is priced at 12,100JPY (tax incl.) and the “Demon Slayer Leather Reel attached Pass case” is priced at 11,000JPY (tax incl.). All of the items can be pre-ordered from Premium Bandai and the pre-orders end on 27 Jul. 2020. Products are scheduled to be delivered in October 2020.

(C) Getouge Koyoharu/Shueisha・Aniplex・ufotable