The animation movie “On-Gaku: Our Sound” has won the Best Original Music Award from the “2020 Annecy International Animated Film Festival”, which is one of the 4 largest animation movie festivals on Earth. The movie continuously won the Grand Prix at the “Ottawa International Animation Movie Festival”.

“On-Gaku: Our Sound” is a movie directed by Iwaisawa Kenji based on the manga self-published by Oohashi Hiroki titled “On-Gaku: Our Sound”.
The movie had won the Grand Prix at the “Ottawa International Animation Festival” held in Canada in 2019, and it was released in Cinema Skhole near Shinjuku Musashino Line on Jan. 2020. This movie set the record the number of guests and box-office revenue for the first day after the renewal open of the theater, and all screenings on the 3-days weekend filled all the seats of the assigned theaters. The movie currently marks a great hit with more than 30,000 guests, and is currently being released around Japan.

“On-Gaku: Our Sound” was nominated to the Long Contrechamps Category and won the Best Original Music Award at the “2020 Annecy International Animated Film Festival”, which is one of the 4 largest international animation festivals around the world. This is the only award winner among the Japanese movies nominated for the festival.

<Full comments are listed below>
Director: Iwaisawa Kenji
We could win the award because Banse-san, Sawabe-san, Kenmochi-san from Grand Funk, and all others who had provided us great music. I wish that “music” will be delivered over the sea through the movie.

Music: Banse Tomohiko
I had never won an award through my career as a musician, therefore I do not know the right response. I am at least happy that we are recognized by the Music Publishers Association in France. The music in the movie is produced by many musicians, and I was in charge of a few music during the show. What I had set as a goal during the production was “Respect toward the director Iwaisawa's obsession toward never-ending works”. I am moved by the fact it was completed.
I wish more people could watch the movie after this award.

Music: Kenmochi Gakuto
I am from a group called Grand Funk, and I was in charge of piano music in the movie, “On-Gaku: Our Sound”.
I am honored to receive such an honorable award at the festival.

Receiving the award in music was one of my dreams, therefore I am very glad to win it. At the same time, this work is filled with 7-years of passion given by the director Iwaisawa, and I do not believe that the movie never won an award without the director's challenges and passion.
I would like to thank all people who participated in this movie, including the festival staff, musicians who provided music, others supported the production and the fans.

Music: Sawabe Wataru (Skirt)
I have not received any kind of award after I won the conductor's award in the chorus competition when I was in high school.
I had not move by winning an award back then, but I am very happy this time.
The only music that I provided to “On-Gaku: Our Sound” was the one in the last concert scene, but I imagined many things during the production, including where would I hold on the base other than an open string? What if a complete drum set was standing in front of a drummer who only has an experience of hitting tom-tom drum and a snare drum? How would a base player play by having the music by that drummer behind him and what miracle would occur?
It was brushed-up by Ookubo Hinata-san from Gellers, Kawafuku Kenichi-san, Tashiro Hisayuki-san, Tokumaru Shugo-san, and was completed by Andou Akihiko-kun by adding the sound of a recorder.
I thank everyone who played for this!
Thank you once again.
I would also deliver this feeling to the director Iwaisawa and the staff participated in production!