There are many unfamiliar Kanji used in the names of characters and other things, in anime and manga such as as “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba” and “Katanagatari”. A book that might help you with such Kanji, “Yonde, Kaite, Omoidasu! Kanji Nou Tore” (Read, Write and Remember! Kanji Brain Training), will be released.

“Yonde, Kaite, Omoidasu! Kanji Nou Tore” is a Kanji training book with a large volume of 912 quizzes about not only Kanji's you know, but those which you can't read or never knew the existence of.

It is composed of: “Chapter 1 Reading Beginner Level”, “Chapter 2 Reading Intermediate Level”, “Chapter 3 Reading Intermediate to Advanced Level”, “Chapter 4 Reading Advanced Level”, and “Chapter 5 Reading Advanced to Super Advanced Level”. Having this book with you may help you read the difficult Kanji in anime and manga.

“Yonde, Kaite, Omoidasu! Kanji Nou Tore” is priced at 740 JPY (tax excluded, and will be in stores from Jun. 12, 2020.