The TV anime “Overlord” and its film adaptions, based on the novel by Maruyama Kugane, will be streamed on ABEMA for free. They will be streamed on “Anime LIVE Channel” from 7:00 pm, May 30(JST).

Momonga (Ains Ooal Gown), has been sent to a different world along with the dungeon “Great Tomb of Nazarick” run by the VRMMO “YGGDRASIL”. The story depicts him and his loyal subordinates gaining control over the world.
The unique “Guardians”, such as Albedo the devil, and Shalltear the vampire, and the story with a dark edge to it has brought much attention, which lead to the production of 3 seasons of the TV series.

The free streaming is of the film adaption, which is a reorganization of the 1st season of “Overlord”. This is its first free streaming on “ABEMA”, and both parts of the movie will be available.
Also, as a commemoration of the streaming of the compilation film, the 1st to 3rd season of the TV anime “Overlord” will be available later too.

The timetable of the streamings is: “Overlord: The Undead King” from 7:30 pm, May 30, “Overlord: The Dark Warrior” from 9:30 pm on the same day, “Overlord” season 1 from 11:00 pm, May 30, “Overlord” season 2 from 7:30 pm, Jun. 6, and “Overlord” season 3 from 7:30 pm, Jun. 13.

(C)Maruyama KUgane・KADOKAWA / Overlord Production Committee