As an adamantite ranked adventurer and a magic caster of Blue Roses from the TV animation series "Overlord", Evileye the "Shorty" has an upcoming new figure of her cuddling Momon's Great Sword with her face in love. It is going to be launched in the coming March of 2020.

The Evileye's figure comes with her symbolic mask and meticulous details of her cloak as well as her hair to create the sense of motion. Besides, the hem, bangles and chain of the figure are painted with weathering effect to emphasized the time they spent with Evileye since long. On the other hand, the time-honored touch is featured through the grip of the Great Sword cuddled by Evileye, accompanied with marvelous finishing of metallic blue for its blade.

The Evileye figure is priced at 16,500 yen (tax exclusive), and will soon be available in Kotobukiya in March of 2020.

(C)Kugane Maruyama ・ KADOKAWA Magazine / Overlord 3 Production Committee