From “Space Brothers”, an accessory based on a heart-shaped stone that Mutta (Nanba Mutta) picked up on the moon in the work has appeared for a limited time as a full made-to-order item. Pre-orders are currently available at the “Space Brothers Heart-shaped Moon Stone” store.

This item was made based on the heart-shaped moonstone on his own, which Mutta used to “pray” for Serika's safety of returning to Earth after leaving the ISS.

Simple glass accessories are sold in two types: earrings / clip-on earrings and necklaces. Since the ingredients of regolith that cover the surface of the moon contain a lot of glass, this accessory based on the “moonstone” was made of glass.

The transparent, small glass that swings at the tip of a thin hoop or chain glows elegantly around the ears and neck. It shows quite well that it is not a heart motif item that tends to be sweet, but it is a “moonstone that happened to be in the shape of a heart”.

“Heart-shaped Moon Stone Accessory” clip-on earrings / earrings are 8,800 JPY for each (shipping fee included), and the necklace is 6,600 JPY (shipping fee included). Pre-orders are available at the “Space Brothers Heart-shaped Moon Stone” store for a limited time until May 27.

(C) Koyama Chuya / Kodansha