From the TV anime “Tamayomi”, the summary and the advance scene cuts for episode 8 titled “Zero Kara” (From Zero), which will be broadcast on Wednesday, May. 20. In addition to it, the jacket illustrations for the 1st and 2nd Blu-ray volumes titled “Tamayomi 1” and “Tamayomi 2”, which will be released from Jun. 26, have been revealed.

The original work of “Tamayomi” is a manga by Mountain Pukuichi, which is currently serialized in”Manga Time Kirara Forward”.
Takeda Yomi is a student who entered Shin Koshigaya High School, and there she re-encounters her childhood friend, Yamazaki Tamaki. The two make the baseball club active again in order to go to the nationwide competition together with her teammates. It is the youth girls baseball story that depicts the struggles of the new Shin Koshigaya High School Baseball Club.

In episode 8, the prefecture competition is about to begin. While wishing good luck with Yanagi Univ. Kawagoe team, Tamaki meets Yoshikawa Kazumi, who is her upperclassman from her middle school, and used to be pair as a battery. Yomi tries to compete with Yoshikawa, after seeing them re-encounter.

Risa pitches first to save the ace Tamami in the game against Kagemori. They get scored first due to an error, but there is a mysterious atmosphere that there is no cheering voice from Kagemori's bench even after they have scored.

Also the jacket illustrations for the 1st Blu-ray volume “Tamayomi” and 2nd volume “Tamayomi 2”, which will be released from Jun. 26.
Vol. 1 will contain episodes 1 to 3 of TV anime “Tamayomi 1”, and as a special video, the vol. 1 and vol. 2 of original variety program by young voice actresses titled “This is Shin-Koshi Nine's Kirara Baseball”. Blu-ray volume 2 will similarly contain episodes 4 to 6 of “Tamayomi” and vol. 3 and 4 for “This is Shin-Koshi Nine' Kirara Baseball”.

The illustration of special gifts for purchase by businesses are currently released. Please check the official website for the program for more information.

TV anime “Tamayomi” episode 8 titled “Zero kara” (From Zero) will be broadcast from Wednesday, May. 20 on ABC TV, AT-X, TOKYO MC, and other channels.

(C) Mountain Pukuichi・Hobunsha/Shin Koshigaya High School Girls Baseball Club