From “Kuroko's Basketball” comes fragrances inspired by Kise, Aomine, and other members of Kaijou High and Touou High, released by the fragrance brand “primaniacs”.

Kise's fragrance starts with fresh and lush top notes, followed by an elegant and glamorous floral middle note, and finishes with the gentle last note of white musk.
It well represents the beautiful luminescence he embodied since finding his only admiration.

Aomine's fragrance starts with bitter citrus deeply flowing in the top note, followed by a pungent middle note bursting with spice, and finishes with a mix of the sweetness and sourness of fresh fruit in the last note.

Also, fragrances inspired by Kasamatsu Yukio and Moriyama Yoshitaka from Kaijou High, and Imayoshi Shouichi and Sakurai Ryou from Touou High, will be released.

The “Kuroko's Basketball” fragrance 2nd edition are each priced at 5,417 JPY (tax excluded), and will be available at primaniacs shops from Jul. 10, 2020.

(C)Fujimaki Tadatoshi / Shueisha・Kuroko's Basketball Production Committee