The PV for “SEASON SUMMER”, which will start on May 18, has arrived from TV anime “A3!”, which has currently been broadcasting.

The original “A3!” was released in Jan. 2017 and is a handsome actor training game, which currently has over 6.5 million downloads.
The TV anime version started broadcasting from Apr. 2020, and finally, “SEASON SUMMER”, where 5 members in the Summer Troupe are the main characters, will start from the episode broadcasting on May 18.
The PV released this time was made joyous with the Summer Troupe Unit theme song “Oresama ☆ Natsu Summer”. It has a different taste from the Spring Troupe, so check it out.

The TV anime “A3!” has currently been broadcasting. “SEASON AUTUMN & WINTER” will be also broadcasting from October.