The 2nd Label Whiskey based on “Laughing Salesman” is decided to be on sale at the specialized whiskey website “WHISKY MEW” on May 11, 2020. There will be a total of 156 bottles manufactured with the design of the “Hearts Queen” on the frontispiece of the “Yoru no Jouou-sama (Queen of Night)”.

The product is a limited single malt whiskey of the black comedy “Laughing Salesman” label by Fujiko Fushio (A).
The whiskey is the single malt “Imperium 1995” from Scotland's Highlands area. This bottle where you can enjoy and feel sensual while thinking about the distilling malt in the '70s.

“'Laughing Salesman' Label Whiskey Imperium 1995” is priced at 26,000 JPY (tax excluded). It will be on sales from noon May 11 at “WHISKY MEW”.

(C)Fujiko Studio/Laughing Salesman NEW Production Committee