Two men who met their unfortunate end get to start a new life as “Patrasche” and “Rascal” in the first volume of the isekai manga “PatRas de New Game!” (New Game as PatRas!), which was released on May 8, 2020.

“PatRas de New Game!” is a collaboration between the Nippon Animation’s “World Masterpiece Theater” and “Monthly Shōnen Champion”, which is famous for its Yankee Manga.
The twitter manga depicts two men who met their unfortunate ends and subsequently got reincarnated as “Patrasche” and “Rascal” into a world where games reign supreme. The comic is being serialized through the Twitter account “Daily Monthly Champ”.

The first volume of “PatRas de New Game!” was released on May 8th. The price is 900JPY (tax excluded).