A figure displaying a gathering of Electric Type Pokemon is set to appear in the “G.E.M.EX Series”. This series attempts to bring the bond between Pokemon into 3d. Reservations are currently being accepted through “Premium Bandai”.

This product is a 3-dimensional display of “Electric Type” Pokemon gathered around a shining neon light, while each Pokemon emits their own sparking bolts of electricity. Pikachu, Plusle, Minun, Dedenne, Magnemite, and Ampharos all feature in this cute and lively figure.

The “G.E.M.EX Series Pokemon Electric Type electric power!” figure is now available for pre-order at 12,100JPY (tax excluded). If it is purchased through “Premium Bandai”, an exclusive “Mini Shikishi” (a traditional Japanese style of square card paper, often used for illustrations or signatures) will be included.

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