“Room pants”, “camisole with a bra cup”, and “bralette & shorts set” designed with the motif of “Sailor Uranus” and “Sailor Neptune” from “Sailor Moon” appear. They are currently on sale at “Bankore!”.

Each item features various designs including Lip Rods, Deep Aqua Mirrors, and Space Swords on the refreshing blue stripes. It is made of chiffon fabric that can be worn casually.

The “camisole with a bra cup” is a relaxing loungewear perfectly suitable to be used in your room. The bra cup supports the breasts tightly, and even if you don't wear a bra, the breasts are well supported by the camisole itself. You can also adjust the size with the strap.

The bralette included in “bralette & shorts set” features the popular triangle bra with cute frills. A strap and hooks are provided in order to adjust the size freely.

Each item is currently on sale at “Bankore!”.
“Sailor Moon Sailor Uranus & Sailor Neptune Designed Room Pants” is priced at 2,860 JPY (tax included), “Sailor Moon Sailor Uranus & Sailor Neptune Designed Camisole with a Bra Cup” is priced at 4,620 JPY (tax included), and “Sailor Moon Sailor Uranus & Sailor Neptune Designed Bralette & Shorts Set” is priced at 5,170 JPY (tax included).

(C)Naoko Takeuchi