From “Digimon Adventure”, MetalGreymon will become a figure with a height of 220mm under the “Precious G.E.M.” series. Pre-orders are currently accepted in “Premium Bandai”.

This is a figure of MetalGreymon is the final form which was achieved as a result of the hard struggle after Taichi was getting impatience of the enemy getting stronger. The highlights are the dynamic posture and molding.

Inclusive of the detailed parts, the sharp edge of the metal armor parts and the contrast of the skin were molded carefully and colored. As this product is finished off magnificently, it would make you want to obtain it and actually touch it.

“Precious G.E.M. series Digimon Adventure MetalGreymon” is priced at 20,900 JPY (tax included). Pre-orders are currently accepted at “Premium Bandai” and shipping is scheduled on Sep. 2020.

(C)Hongou Akiyoshi・Toei Animation