The improved and enhanced model of F90 Unit.2, “Gundam F90 II” has appeared as a Master Grade Gunpla with the Mission Pack I Type set. It is available for pre-order at “Premium Bandai.”

This product has the brand new modeling of F90II's distinctive head, expandable generator on the chest, and thrusters on the shoulders. Also, the colors are expressed with the mold's color. It a replicate of the Intercept Type with the concepts on intercept and pursuit, it includes the expansion gimmick of the flight shield that functions as a sub flight system. It is also possible to reenact the embarkation scene.

In addition, the long and big Beam Lancer applied a blue clear part on its effector part. A movable gimmick on the grip part allows diverse action poses to be taken. A full body hard-point that allows retrofit of the mission pack is also mounted, it is possible to retrofit from different mission packs that are sold separately.

The price of “MG 1/100 Gundam F90II I Type” is 6,600 Yen (Tax Incl.) and is currently available for pre-order at “Premium Bandai.” Delivery is scheduled for Jul. 2020.