The trailer of the solo song “Party wo Tomenaide” by Izanami Hifumi (CV: Kijima Ryuichi) from the CD “Matenro -Before The 2nd D.R.B-” of Shinjuku Division “Matenro”, which will be on sale on Mar. 23, 2020 from “Hypnosis Mic”, has been released.

The solo song “Party wo Tomenaide” by Izanami Hifumi is an addictive song with a catchy, memorable phrase that you won’t be able to forget once you hear “Don’t stop the party”.

At the same time, it was also announced in the credit of the song, that the songwriting was done by the frontman Kiryuin Sho from Golden Bomber.

The CD of Matenro “Matenro Before The 2nd D.R.B-” will be released on Mar. 25, 2020 at a fixed price of 2,000 JPY (+ tax). In the future, a trailer of Jinguji Jakurai (CV: Hayami Sho)’s solo song will also be released.