It has been determined that the 3 heroines will be acted by Morikawa Aoi, Matsui Rena, and Momota Kanako in the completely new movie “Looking for Witch Apprentices” (first run on May 15), which commemorate the 20th anniversary of “Ojamajo Doremi”.
Comments from the casts: Morikawa, Matsui, Momota, and others, as well as Director Sato Junichi and Producer Seki Hiromi from Toei Animation have arrived.

“Looking for Witch Apprentices” is a story of new “magic” for adults, where it starts from the three heroines meeting in front of the Western-style building that was the model of Mahoudo, which is the beginning of “Ojamajo Doremi”.
The story follows 3 heroines: Sora, Mire, and Reika, who have different backgrounds in age, place to live, and worries, looking for the important things to each of them that they lost as they grew up, through a trip around places related to Doremi.

This time, it's been determined that the casts that play such new heroines are Morikawa Aoi, Matsui Rena, and Momota Kanako, who are the biggest fans of the work and also from the generation that grew up by watching “Ojamajo Doremi”.

Morikawa Aoi will play as Nagase Sora; a timid fourth year university student aspiring to become a teacher, Matsui Rena will play as Yoshitsuki Mire; a career woman at a leading trading company who has trouble getting along with people, and Momota Kanako will play as Kawatani Reika; a part-time worker who has trouble with her good for nothing boyfriend and is intending to be a person who inpaint paintings.
We would like to anticipate the actresses, who will bring life as representatives of fans to the protagonists with different place of birth, upbringing, and worries, co-star for the first time in the work to work their socks off.

The movie “Looking for Witch Apprentices” will start screening nationwide from May 15, 2020. As of Feb. 28, the entire post-recording has been completed, and it is under intensive production.

<Hereafter, posted full comments>

[As Nagase Sora / Morikawa Aoi]
It feels just like I've had a spell cast on me by Doremi-chan and others. I was just happy to hear they will have a come back 'cause they gave me a lot of courage and energy in my childhood, so I've never thought I would be able to participate in it.
Sora that I played, is a girl who is lacking confident in herself and is worried about her career path. But, she has her own core, so I worked closely with the director to create the voice and the character.
Since the 3 of us would do the recording together, we, who like “Ojamajo Doremi”, could get relaxed and play while deepening our friendship like Sora and others.
Even if you grow up, the “magic” will not end, and this is a work that makes you think that Doremi-chan is always close to everyone. I think you all have the experience of getting to know each other quickly when you have the same favorite thing like us, this time. If you have such an experience, you can enjoy it without knowing Ojamajo Doremi, so please watch it!

[Yoshitsuki Mire / Matsui Rena]
When I heard my manager say, “You've got determined to be the heroine's voice actress!”, I was so surprised that I couldn't understand it immediately. I've known the release of the movie a long time ago and I've been really looking forward to it, so, for me, it's really like a dream to be a part of it as a protagonist.
I had a fight with a friend about which character we liked during my childhood, but it was Doremi-chan and others that taught me how to make up. I was taught a lot of thoughts by them.
Mire that I played is a returnee, who tells her feelings directly. That's why she is often opposed by others, but as she meets Sora and Reika, she grows up little by little. I think such humanity is attractive.
When I first rehearsed with Morikawa-san and Momota-san together, each of them really fit the characters, which was really nice, so I could've done the recording comfortably.

In this work, it depicts very politely what those who were watching “Ojamajo” as a child may be holding “now” as an adult.
As a fan, I, myself, received courage and a new “magic” from the work.
It's filled with lots of love, dreams, and magic, so please watch it.

[Kawatani Reika / Momota Kanako]
It's like a dream. I've never expected that I would be able to act in the work of “Ojamajo Doremi”, which I was crazy about when I was young. I felt pressure to participate in my favorite works, but since I never had such an opportunity before, I've done my best.
Reika that I played, is a girl who is always bright and honest, but has a little sad past. I would like you to pay attention to her as she depends on the 2 girls, Sora and Mire, but has differing opinions with them and move forward.
Since this is my first time co-starring with Morikawa-san and Matsui-san, I went to the site with a little anxiety, but we became friends quickly through Doremi-chan, just like the 3 protagonists deepen their friendship through “Doremi-chan” in the movie!
I think that there is a moment when you live so hard to handle things in front of you that you forget something important. If you watch this work, you will remember the feelings of those days when we were told by Doremi-chan, and I think we can see a little hope and brighten your emotion. It is a work that gently embraces you, so I would like many people to watch it.

[Director Sato Junichi]
“Ojamajo Doremi” was a work for children, so we cast voice actresses with a characteristic that makes it easy to identify who the voice belong to. In this movie, we wanted you to feel the atmosphere of everyday talking and ordinary daily life from the three, and emphasized the fact that “it is natural, but there is some presence”.
I dubbed while enjoying the chemical reaction such as; What happens if this person put her voice into it? How does she take in this character and take it out?

[Producer Seki Hiromi from Toei Animation]
Since the 3 women from the “Ojamajo Doremi” generation are the main characters, we considered actresses and voice actresses in their 20's as candidates which is a very natural way of thinking.
I cast them based on the concept of “returning to the origin” since it is a work where I started discovering new talents, even in the TV series, not only from voice actor production, but also from those who belong to theatrical groups acting as children, those who belong to live-action productions, those who belong to music offices, those who belong to former Takarazuka, and those who belong to comedy offices.
The result couldn't be better!! All staffs including the director were able to dub while admiring, “You're good at it,” and “Perfect fit!”
The work is in the process of finishing to respond to the casts' “heat”.

(C) Toei / Toei Animation