The latest trailer of the movie “Crayon Shin-chan: Crash! Rakuga Kingdom and Almost Four Heroes” (premiere on Apr. 24, 2020) has been released. In addition, “Giga Aishiteru” by Rekishi has been chosen for the theme song, which was also used in the newest trailer.

“Crayon Shin-chan: Crash! Rakuga Kingdom and Almost Four Heroes” is the 28th production in the “Crayon Shin-chan” movie series, a “Rakugaki disaster movie that drags into a whirlpool of laughter and excitement.”

The story is set in “Rakuga Kingdom”, a floating kingdom that gets its energy from the scribbles on the earth.
However, with the flow of the times, the scribbles start to decline considerably, making the kingdom in danger of collapse. Because of this, the Royal Army of “Rakuga Kingdom” started to advance to the earth to carry out a strategic plan called “Ukiuki Kakikaki Operation”, where it forces human beings to scribble and it will determine the fate of “Rakuga Kingdom”. It just happens that underneath the kingdom is the city of Kasukabe where Shinnosuke and the others were living in… Will Shinnosuke be able to save Kasukabe with the “almost four heroes” drawn with the “Miracle Crayon”, which he obtained by accident?

The latest trailer shows the almost four heroes gathered together including Shinnosuke, a hero who obtained the “Miracle Crayon” which brings the drawn scribbles to life, along with the strongest (?) scribbles drawn by it, Buriburizaemon, the fake Nanako, and Brief.
However, they find out that the scribbles drawn by the Miracle Crayon disappear if it got wet by water… What destiny awaits for Shinnosuke and the scribbles? Stay tuned for it!

<Full comments are listed below> The special comment from the director Takahashi Wataru Q. What do you think after you watched the completed video? I did not think that I could create work only with Hiroshi's hidden feelings, so this was a new experience. I once again thought about Nohara Hiroshi, and I concluded that he is a friendly dad who looks awesome, but actually not so much. I believe he had to spend busy days by raising a child while working outside the home, but I think how he complains and smells is charming, in other words, he makes me comfortable. He can show such true feelings because his family, including his wife Misae, Shinnosuke, and Himawari accept him to the fullest. They are such a wonderful family. ---Please tell us the highlight of this video. Please take a close look at the growth of all family members, since it depicts 5 years of Nohara family. I think 5 years from the birth of a child is like experiencing a storm, but there are both happy and sad incidents during those 5 years. I think how this video depicts multiple emotions through the father Nohara Hiroshi is the point to pay attention to. ---Please tell us the message in this video. I wanted to deliver a feeling with warmth, hard work and courage through the life of Hiroshi. Also, there are funny scenes in the video, so please laugh together with Nohara family. ---Takahashi-san, we believe that you have participated in multiple "Crayon Shin-chan" series, but this is the first time for you to direct the web video. What is the difference between the movie version? Simple to say, it is the length. It was difficult to deliver the message with a given time since the web anime is shorter compared to the movie. I created this video by thinking that I am going to create a promotion movie for the movie called "Story of Nohara Hiroshi". Also, since the staff was whom I have worked together for a long time, so I could create the video being relaxed. ---Could you send the message to "Crayon Shin-chan" fans around Japan. I think this video gives you power. Please say "thank you" to your dads. I think "thank you" will make Japan brighter. (C) Usui Yoshito/ Futabasha・Shinei・TV Asahi・ADK