Feb. 14 is the tie’s day.

This day is also known as Valentines Day where the ladies give the men some chocolates, and this memorial day was set hoping to give ties as a gift.

A tie is the fashionable item for men. There are several kinds of ties, including an ordinary regular tie, a bow tie for gentlemen, an ascot tie often worn in the weddings.
Then, which character suits a tie the best?

Here at Anime! Anime!, we conducted a survey asking, “Which character suits a tie well?” The survey was conducted from Jan. 30 to Feb.6, and 250 people answered the survey.
Females made up approximately 90% of the vote, while males only made up approximately 10%. There are votes from variety of age range; the teens made up approximately 20%, 20’s made up approximately 15%, 30’s made up approximately 30%, and 40’s made up approximately 25%.

■Adult men characters assembled! Businessmen and the detectives ranked higher
The 1st place was Kaburagi T. Kotetsu from “TIGER & BUNNY”. The support rating was approximately 30%.

Kaburagi T. Kotetsu is a hero also known as the Wild Tiger. The comments from the readers said, “Although he is a hero with a beard who has already passed over the peak of popularity, but his outfit is the traditional style where he puts on a tie with a hunting hat. I like him being very fashionable and cool”, and “I don’t know many characters who puts on a tie with rivets!”
Some other comments mentioned the fact that his character is backed up by being fashionable; “I think a tie is one of the icons that expresses Kotetsu-san”. Kotetsu ranked in the 1st place as the businessman who fights while carrying the reputation of the company logo.

The 2nd place was Douglas Billingham “DOUBLE DECKER! Doug and Kirill”. The support rating was approximately 14%.

Doug is the detective of the specialized investigation organization-SEVEN O-, and some comments mentioned the fact that he is fashionable by saying, “I think a simple and fashionable tie matches well with the suit he wears. His loosened tie also matches well with his character”, and “I first thought that he is a diligent civil servant, but I realized that his loosened tie and the opened neck shirt describes his lifestyle and style”.
The tie also works as an item to excite the anime itself, and a comment related said, “the movement in his tie in the action scenes including the scene of arrest is so cool!.

Furthermore, “DOUBLE DECKER!” is the new anime series project born from “TIGER & BUNNY”, and the related titles of “TIGER & BUNNY” dominated the higher ranks.

The 3rd place was Ginoza Nobuchika from “PSYCHO-PASS 3”. The support rating was approximately 8%.

There are comments mentioning the tie as a his trade mark by saying, “He wore a tie on a suit consecutively through the 1st to 3rd season. I like how he wears them formally”, and “I think his outfit is also one of his weapons as his glasses are. I think his mentality is stabilized by wearing the tie”.
Also, the protagonist of the 1st season Kougami Shinya ranked in 7th place. “Some comments said, “Kougami wearing the black suit was memorable. I like how he loosens his tie!” and “the fact that he wore the thin black suit and a tie was impressive”.

■Introducing other comments!
For Amuro Tooru from “Detective Conan”: “Amuro is already a fashionable character on a daily basis, but I can’t resist the gap between that and him wearing a suit as the security police!”

For Nohara Hiroshi from “Crayon Shin-chan”: “He always wears a suit and tie because he is a businessman. I like him because he always wears a tie even with a short sleeve shirt in the hot summer.”

For Nakajima Atsushi from “Bungo Stray Dogs”: “I like his loosened tie, and the red and blue pin on his tie is a good accent.”

For Swimsuit Detective from “This is the Police Station in Front of Kameari Park in Katsushika Ward”: “The fact that he wears a swimsuit and a tie together was surprising to me!” There were votes for the character who is almost naked.

Several businessmen and detectives ranked higher in this survey. The adult male characters ranked higher because many people think of adults from the ties.

■Ranking Top 20
1st: Kaburagi T. Kotetsu from “TIGER & BUNNY”
2nd: Douglass Billingham from “DOUBLE DECKER! Doug and Kirill”
3rd: Ginoza Nobuchika from “PSYCHO-PASS”
4th: Nohara Hiroshi from “Crayon Shin-chan”
5th: Steven A. Starphase from “Blood Blockade Battlefront”
6th: Amuro Tooru (Furuya Rei) from “Detective Conan”
7th: Kougami Shinya from “PSYCHO-PASS”
8th: Edogawa Conan from “Detective Conan”
9th: Phantom Thief Kid(Kuroba Kaito) from “Detective Conan”
9th: Hatori Yoshiyuki from “Sekaiichi Hatsukoi”
11th: Iruma Juuto from “Hypnosis Mic -Division Rap Battle-”
11th: Usami Akihiko from “Junjou Romantica”
11th: Kannonzaka Doppo from “Hypnosis Mic -Division Rap Battle-”
11th: Claus V. Reinhertz from “Blood Blockade Battlefront”
15th: Asahina Natsume from “BROTHERS CONFLICT”
15th: Edogawa Ranpo from “Bungo Stray Dogs”
15th: Kusama Yuki from “Fruits Basket”
15th: Sasayama Hikaru from “PSYCHO-PASS”
15th: Toujou Nozomi from “Love Live!”
15th: Nitou Hirotaka from “Wotakoi: Love Is Hard for Otaku”
15th: Producer from “THE IDOLM@STER Cinderella Girls”
15th: Leorio Paradinight from “HUNTER×HUNTER”

(Survey conducted from Jan. 30, 2020 to Feb. 6, 2020)