“TYPE-MOON Exhibition: Fate/stay night -15 years of history-“, the exhibition where you can experience the history of TYPE-MOON and “Fate/stay night” held at Sony Music Roppongi Museum, Tokyo, has reached 45,000 visitors. The 2nd term, “Unlimited Blade Works” has begun since Jan. 23.

“TYPE-MOON Exhibition: Fate/stay night -15 years of history-” is an exhibition of “The path TYPE-MOON has taken and the miracles of 'Fate/stay night'” gathered together.
The exhibition has three terms; “Fate” from Dec. 20, 2019, to Jan. 20, 2020, “Unlimited Blade Works” from Jan. 23 to Feb. 24, 2020, “Heaven's Feel” from Feb. 27 to Apr. 5, 2020. They will change part of the exhibits to recreate the story and the world of each series.

At the venue, they have; exhibits, images, and chronological tables of their animes and games, along with introductions of the production process and the series.
They even have an over 13m diorama of “Fuyuki City” from the show as a special exhibition featuring the story of “Fate/stay night”. The lights projected on the diorama recreate the world of the anime.

During the 2nd term, “Unlimited Blade Works”, the memorial ticket has changed its design to Toosaka Rin, the heroin of “Unlimited Blade Works” route. Also, one of the two booklets, the “Guide Book” has an interview with Ueda Kana, the voice actor of Toosaka Rin, and the illustration of the ART GALLERY has been changed too.

The other “Booklet” has illustrations chosen by Takeuchi Takashi from the artbook “Return to Avalon -Takeuchi Takashi Fate ART WORKS-“, along with his comments. It is a must-have item for the fans.

“TYPE-MOON Exhibition: Fate/stay night -15 years of history-” is scheduled to be held at Sony Music Roppongi Museum, Tokyo until Apr. 5, 2020.
A collaboration with the rice bowl and Kyoto style Udon chain, “Nakau” will also be held. Details will be announced on Feb. 6.