Online e-book website “Comic Cmoa” held “E-Comic Book Award 2020 Chosen by everyone”, and the result for the contest was announced.
The top award went to “Sake to Koi ni wa Yotte Shikarubeki”, and 2 male comic category awards, 2 female comic category awards, and 2 light novel category awards were also given away. There were total of 7 awards.

In “E-Comic Book Award 2020 Chosen by everyone” was held from Oct. 1, 2019 to Nov. 30, 2019, and a total of 61 publishers nominated “the comic that will make a big hit online”, and the users voted on their preference after actually reading it. Among the voted comics, the Comic Award was given to the highest number of votes.

This is 3rd time that the contest was held, and in addition to “male category”, “female category”, “boys love category”, and “TL category”, “light novel category” was added to the contest. The nominated comics were doubled, compared to last year, and the number of awards given also increased.

The Results
【The Top Award】
Title of the work: “Sake to Koi ni wa Yotte Shikarubeki”

Publisher: Akita Shoten
Author's Name: Haruko

【Comments from the Award Winner】
I would like to thank everyone who helped me creating the work, especially Eguchi Mayumi-san, who helped me create the base of the story, the PIC, and the fans. It is my pleasure to receive such a wonderful award. I will do my best to continue making this works more enjoyable.

【Female Category Winner】
Title of the work: “Dakishimete Tsuide ni Kiss mo”
Publisher: Shueisha
Author's Name: Mimori Ao

【Comments from the Award Winner】
I received the award thanks to all the votes that you have given to us! I am surprised and also happy at the same time. I will give this back to you by creating better stories. Thanks again.

Title of the work: “Itonami Itonamezu”

Publisher: Futabasha
Author's Name: Minase Mayu

【Comments from the Award Winner】
When I received a phone call from my PIC, tears came up because I thought that this was my first award I ever received in 10 years of my career as a manga author.
It is my pleasure to be acknowledged for my hard work. Thank you to all fans who voted for my comic, although I cannot see your faces. Thanks again.

【Male Category Winner】
Title of the work: “Artiste”

Publisher: Shinchosha
Author's Name: Samoedo Tarou

【Comments from the Award Winner】
Thank you to those who voted for “Artiste”. I am not perfect since this is my first time to have my work serialized, but I will do my best to deliver even better work to my fans.

Title of the work: “Sono Kisekae Ningyou wa Koi wo Suru”

Publisher: Square Enix
Author's Name: Fukuda Shinichi
【Comments from the Award Winner】
I received Male Category Award for this contest. Thank you to everyone who voted for this comic, and thank you for your support until this point. I will do my best to create better work to make you happier. Thank you again.

【Light Novel Category Winner】
Title of the work: “Akuyaku Reijou ni Naritakunai no de, Ouji-sama to Issho ni Kanpeki Reijou wo Mezashimasu!”

Publisher: Julian Publishing
Author's Name: Tsukigami Saki Kumoya Yukio
【Comments from the Award Winner】
Thank you for nominating us for such an honorable award. We will do our best to create the work which makes you happy continuously. Please look forward to it.

Title of the work: “Kogitsune, Warawara Inarinokami no Makanai Meshi”

Publisher: Media Soft
Author's Name: Matsuyuki Kaho

【Comments from the Award Winner】
I was even surprised when my comic was nominated for the award, but I still feel like I am in my dream when I heard that I received the Light Novel Category Award. It became a reality because of your support. Thank you very much.”