On Jan. 20, a popular cosplayer Itou Moe dressed as Misaka Mikoto from the smartphone RPG video game “A Certain Magical Index Imaginary Fest”, Metro Promenade in Shinjuku Station of Tokyo Marunouchi Line.

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Itou Moe's cosplay was to celebrate the installation of “A Certain Electric Princess's Kicking Vending Machine”, to recreate a famous scene of Mikoto kicking a vending machine in the anime. The special vending machine will be installed until Jan. 26, 2020 at Metro Promenade in Shinjuku Station on the Tokyo Marunouchi Line.

Itou Moe appeared in the installation celebration event, held a talk session with Nakakura Takehito, the producer of the game, and also recreated the scene by kicking “A Certain Electric Princess's Kicking Machine”.

Itou Moe @moe_five Misaka Mikoto 【Clicking the picture jumps to the photo gallery】
When the writer asked her about the important points in her cosplay, she replied, “I wore loose socks for the first time in my life. I love the anime so much, so I cared a lot about precise details, such as hair accessories and wig cut, and also I wore short pants under my skirt to create the kicking scene”.

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Photographs by: Nogi Akira (@Osefly)