The biggest anime event in the world, “Anime Festa 2020” held alongside its sub-section “Family Anime Festa 2020!” will be livestreamed on the internet under the name “AJ Presentation” from 19:30 on Jan. 27, 2020.
The voice actors Fujita Kasai and Ichikawa Akane will be hosting the show, delivering first-hand information regarding the “AJ Stage”.

For “AJ Presentation”, it can be expected announcements of projects and information about “Anime Japan”. “AJ Stage” program will be the main topic of the show since the past years it has received a lot of attention.
The hosts of the show will be Fujita Akane, known for voicing Tosabori Haruka from “W'z”, and Sagami Fuu from “Release the Spyce”, and Ichikawa Taichi, known for roles such as Kurusu Kurogo from “Kabukibu!” and Gap from “Duel Masters!!”
“Anime Japan 2020” theme this year will be “WA”, the japanese word for harmony and peace,​ and the livestream will be the biggest source of information regarding the event.

“AJ Presentation” is scheduled to be held from 19:30 on Jan. 27. The livestream can be watched on “Nico Nico Live”, “Youtube Live”, and “Periscope (Twitter)”. The big announcements are expected to be made from 20:00. More details are available on “Anime Japan” official website.