My Hero Academia THE MOVIE Heroes Rising (Dec. 20 Release) Key Visual is published. U.A High School Department of Heroes Year 1 Class A All students assembly artwork is a must-see for fans.

My Hero Academia is a hero action manga by Horikoshi Kohei currently running in Weekly Shounen Jump magazine. It's a very popular story with the standalone book (tankonbon) selling over 23 millions copies.

With 3 seasons already aired, the season 4 is set to start from October. Along with that, My Hero Academia THE MOVIE Heroes Rising, the second movie is also coming soon.

Recently, the original key visual has been published. U.A High School Department of Heroes Year 1 Class A all 20 students are shown with a heroic look to each of them.
With 「Become one. Surpass the strongest.」 as the motto, this artwork gives hope to us as we watch over the next generation of heroes' quest for accomplishment.

Between Deku and Bakugo who is standing in the front, we can see 2 characters appear to be hugging each other. These 2 original characters were described as locals of the remote island "Nabujima" which our heroes visit during an off campus activity. Apparently, they will be the keys of this story.

In addition to that, on the right hand side, you can also see Pro Hero Hawks who wasn't shown before. This is the first time Hawks appear in the anime. Maybe this is also an important part to how the story will play out.

(C)2019「My Hero Academia THE MOVIE」Production Committee
(C)Horikoshi Kohei/Shueisha