The script writer Uehara Shouzou, who wrote several scripts for tokusatsu and anime, such as “Ultraman” past away on Jan. 2, 2020 due to liver cancer. He was at the age of 82.

Uehara Shouzou was born in 1937 at Okinawa. After he entered Tsuburaya Production, he widely made his debut as a script writer nationwide with “Ultra Q”, and also wrote scripts for “Ultra Seven” and “Operation: Mystery!”

Even after he became a freelance script writer, he continued and went on to writeseveral scripts for “The Return of Ultraman” for Tsuburaya Production, and Toei's tokusatsu , including “Ganbare!! Robocon”, “Himitsu Sentai Gorenger”, “Space Sheriff Gavan”, and the anime “Getter Robo”.

In 2018, he won Tsubota Jouji Literature Award with his first novel about his childhood, called “Kijimuna kids”. He was under medical treatment last few years since he was not feeling well.