Figure maker Kaiyodo releases its 3rd round of “AKIRA” based mini-figures, “miniQ “AKIRA” PART.3 Akira”. The figures in this 3rd lineup of the collection are: “Kaneda and his bike (Ver.2)”, “Akira”, “AKIRA and Tetsuo”, and “Miyako”.

Base on the extraordinary record-breaking series “AKIRA”, the figures released by Kaiyodo were manufactured in completely new molds to fit current standards. The figure collection will be released in 4 consecutive series until Mar. 2020.

The “PART.3” collection features the following figures: “Kaneda and his bike (Ver.2)”, which brought back the stylistic design from when the series was released; “AKIRA”, the forever frozen young boy who, in a rampage, destroyed Tokyo with his psychic powers; “AKIRA and Tetsuo”, where Akira and Tetsuo confronting each other; “Miyako”, former test subject known as “Designated #19” gifted with the power of clairvoyance.

“miniQ “AKIRA” PART.3 Akira” figures are scheduled to be sold in late Feb. 2020, and are priced at 680JPY each (tax excluded).