The TV anime series “Tokyo Mew Mew” is finally released as a Blu-ray. The box set with all 52 episodes will be in stores from Apr. 24, 2020. The set includes a mini-message board with an original illustration and a special booklet with an original manga both by the author of the original manga, Ikumi Mia. Along with this announcement, a promotion manga also by Ikumi was revealed.

“Tokyo Mew Mew” was a serialized manga by Ikumi Mia and Yoshida Reiko (scenario) on “Nakayoshi” (Kodansha). It had a TV anime adaption with a total of 52 episodes in 2002.

One day the 7th grader, Momomiya Ichigo, is suddenly bathed in bright light, and something happens to her body… She can land safely no matter how high the fall is, and cat-like ears and a tail starts to appear. This power was actually given to her to save the earth from the invasion of the Chimera Anima, parasites that infect animals. As “Mew Ichigo” with the power of the Iriomote Wild Cat, she becomes a member of “Tokyo Mew Mew” to fight for the future of the planet.

This box set is in “Ikkimi(R)” style with all 52 episodes in “High Rate SD (480i)”. It has a total of 1,196 minutes of content (the main story and bonus footage) with each disc being over 10 hours long.
The promotion manga is a completely original story written by Ikumi. With all the Mew Mew's gathered together, it's a must-see for the fans.

“Tokyo Mew Mew Blu-ray BOX” is priced at 25,000JPY (tax excluded) and will be released on Apr. 24, 2020.

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