From the anime, "SSSS. GRIDMAN", Shinjou Akane and Takarada Rikka's life-size figure appeared. Each figure is limited to 10 only, and the price is 1,628,000 JPY (tax included). The products was created by the life-size figure maker "FIGUREX". The heights of the life-size figures for "Shinjou Akane" is approximately 147cm (stand included) and approximately 154cm (stand included) for "Takarada Rikka".

The products have the thighs which catches attention for its quality and volume, and recreate each character's uniqueness.
Additionally, the figures have more to see, such as the fine details of outfit and shoe, which can only be seen from the life-size figures.

"Human Scale Figure SSSS. GRIDMAN Shinjou Akane complete painted" and "Human Scale Figure SSSS. GRIDMAN Takarada Rikka complete painted"'s price is 1,628,000 JPY (tax included). Pre-orders for both products are available until Mar. 31, 2020 at "FIGUREX".

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