Gridman that appeared in the TV anime 「SSSS.GRIDMAN」 will be released as an approximately 30 cm figure by Good Smile Company as the first product under the new figure concept series 「GIGAN-TECHS」.

This action figure 「GIGAN-TECHS Gridman」 is approximately 30 cm tall and due to its big size, a shadow is created naturally and the molding gives it a look with clear distinctions..
The wide range of motion and the joint structure supporting the huge body help its dynamic posing. The durability of the joints is also taken into consideration so it can take a pose while holding the huge weapon.

Moreover,it also has a LED system installed in the head that lights up its eyes and forehead..
The spring grip structure of the joint not only secures the durability of the support for its own weight, but also gives this figure an enjoyable brisk movement.

「GIGAN-TECHS Gridman」 is priced at 17,500 JPY(tax inclusive). Pre-orders are now accepted until 9 pm of Feb. 12, 2020 at 「Good Smile Online Shop」 and the release is scheduled to be in May 2020.

(C)Tsuburaya Productions(C)2018 TRIGGER・Amemiya Akira/「GRIDMAN」Production Committee